The goal of Autonomate is to provide researchers an automated method of analyzing electrodermal data in a fashion similar to manual scoring. While there are multiple software packages available for scoring electrodermal data, the procedures employed deviate from traditional manual scoring methods. The primary focus of Autonomate is the analysis of event-related skin conductance responses, although tools for scoring non-specific responses and tonic skin conductance levels have been incorporated.


  We have created a manual to assist you in the use of Autonomate. The manual is divided into two sections: one describing the general procedures implemented for analyzing electrodermal data, and another specifying the steps required to perform analysis with Autonomate.

Autonomate User Manual »


  Please email labarlab@duke.edu to request a download link for Autonomate. We request that you provide your name, city, state if applicable, country, and organization. We will not sell, lease, give away, laugh at, abuse, or otherwise do bad things with your personal information under any circumstance. We are only collecting this information so we know how many people are using our software and where they are located.


   Because we are an academic research group and not a commercial software developer, we are unable to provide significant support for our software. For this reason, we have tried to provide as much information as we could both in the program and in the supporting documentation, so if you have any questions about the software, please start there. That said, we are committed to ensuring that your experience with our software is a good one, so please contact us if the documentation fails to address your concerns. In particular, if you uncover a bug in Autonomate, or think something really ought to be added to the documentation, please contact us via email at: labarlab@duke.edu .

   If user demand is sufficiently high, we may establish a bulletin board for users to communicate with us and with each other, or an automated system for submitting bugs and feature requests. If we do, this page is where it will be located.